Why HR should let robots handle the ‘boring’ stuff


Love it or hate it, technology is well and truly embedded into our lives. Investing in new tech isn’t an option anymore, it’s a necessity – especially when it comes to the workforce.

A recent report from Brandon Hall Group found that 41% of employers want a better system of reporting on HR data, whilst 45% want to be able to alleviate the burden of manual tasks from HR’s shoulders. With that in mind – it’s time for practitioners to start embracing these digital changes, rather than shying away from them in abject fear.

We spoke to Robert Childs, EVP HR Advisory Services & Capabilities at American Express, who revealed what new tools he’ll be focusing on in 2019.

“Rather than focus on emerging technologies, we are more focused on applying existing technologies (Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Robotics Process Automation (RPA)) to a broader set of HR use cases.

“Assisted Technology, such as AI and RPA, is not a replacement for humans – and we need to work prudently to ensure this technology is not viewed that way. Instead, it should be viewed as a welcome enhancement to the working experience, which allows our colleagues to focus their attention, time and energy on work that is both rewarding and challenging.

“Let the bots do the repetitive, mundane tasks and let our people focus on creative and strategic ideas and solutions. I can’t live without technology that allows me insight into observations, learnings and behaviors of the workforce.”

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Source: https://www.hrmonline.ca/hr-news/hr-technology/why-hr-should-let-robots-handle-the-boring-stuff-254331.aspx

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