Using AI to Solve the Talent, Intelligence and Skill Gap Challenge


Even before the pandemic disruption, every organization wasted productivity through employees searching for reliable information and expertise. Employees need to source intel quickly and efficiently to continue doing the jobs they were hired and trained to do. Now with over 90% of the workforce remote – and when an organization is composed of tens of thousands of employees working across multiple countries and time zones – where to source answers and expertise has become a critical challenge.

AI is an essential tool for an organization’s armory. With human-inspired AI, organizations can recognize and surface expertise, skills and tacit knowledge that might not have been identifiable before. Business leaders can utilize AI to develop skill maps pinpointing where the organizational intelligence is strong and where development is needed based on their current and future strategies and in times like today, developing real-time skill scenario models.

No organization anticipated how quickly the adoption of remote working would have to accelerate this year. But by embracing AI technology and placing trust in teams, businesses have already made great strides in adapting.

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