These 6 Companies Have Some of the Best Possible Employee Benefits (Yes, They’re That Good)


Many people overlook the importance of a company’s benefits when searching for a new job. It’s easy to focus on the salary and title, but job seekers should remember that benefits make up about 30% of compensation. In fact, three-fourths of employees would stay with a company for their benefits package.

Intrigued? Inspired by Glassdoor’s recent feature, check out some of the incredible benefits these companies offer.

1. Fuze

As a global communications platform, Fuze prioritizes allowing teams to work anywhere and stay in touch with their software. Employees can work where they perform best, even if it means at home. Plus, the company offers unlimited vacation days!

2. Crowdtwist

This company specializes in loyalty marketing, so it’s no wonder that they keep employees loyal as well. Workers get unlimited vacation days, 100% paid medical coverage, catered lunches, and a month-long sabbatical after three years. Plus, it’s a dog-friendly office!

3. US Department of Veterans Affairs

It’s no surprise that military and government workers get top-notch benefits. Two to four weeks of paid leave and ten federal paid holidays adds up to generous vacation time. Employees may also receive professional education, life insurance, or even home loans. Their competitive pay and matching 401(k) are nothing to scoff at either.

4. Brunswick

Brunswick manufactures exercise and recreational products, which reflects in their company culture. Their “Be Your Best program” allows workers to earn redeemable points for completing their fitness goals. Standing and treadmill desks ensure that they are always active even when working. Plus, their gracious paid time off allows employees to relax after long periods of work and exercise.

5. Total Quality Logistics

Last year, TQL celebrated their 20th anniversary by holding a week-long party that included everything from skydiving to rock climbing. Their CEO even chose two workers to have a helicopter tour with him. Plus, the company offers 401(k), tuition assistance, and professional training programs.

6. Scripps Health

Since the company focuses on well-being, provides employees receive health care for themselves, their dependents, and even their pets. Workers also receive professional development opportunities, a generous retirement plan, financial wellness resources, and a flexible program to accommodate a work-life balance.

Awesome, right? Possible salt in the wound that they’re all hiring, too.

Is you need to subtly drop a hint to your boss that your company’s benefit game needs to be ‘upped’, feel free to casually press that ‘share’ button — it’s a win/win.

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