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Imagine, if you will, near-zero employee organizations in the traditional sense of “employment” might be the reality for tomorrow. Permanent headcount, tenure, and work experience may be substituted with a more agile, and more responsive approach to strategic and business demands. The performance will be dictated by the achievement of desired outcomes and perhaps not demonstrated by historical milestones.

Many organizations today especially, in the consulting space, manage their talent requirements by “acqui-hiring” specialist strategists in combination with adaptive intelligent technologies to deliver the intended outcomes. With the new reality upon us, accelerated by the global pandemic, the potential for digital talent matchmaking platforms and AI (ie, standing for both Adaptive and Artificial Intelligence) systems will play an essential role in the digital value chain for talent acquisition and deployment.

Markets are beginning to understand the power of cutting through traditional hierarchies in place of agility and speed to generate value. The war for talent will be supplemented by gig economy workers and domain experts/strategists on demand. The call to action for organizations and people professionals is what I would refer to as my “ABC Talent Model” to manage your workforce solutions for the future:

A) Spring to action as the future of work is here to say and accelerating everyday as situations unfold in the global landscape

B) Be ready for change as the price of being constrained by conventional rules will not win the war for talent

C) Embrace technology and all its potential, but never lose your focus on people!


With over three decades of experience as a global people professional on what it takes to transform HR practices and in curating many award-winning and progressive initiatives across the employee lifecycle, Stephen will shed light on what it takes to become a respected strategic business partner. In addition, he has provided strategic leadership to many of the challenges around the people and business agenda which continue to dominate boardroom conversations across organisations.

Stephen is a high-profile and decorated thought leader nationally (in Singapore) and across the Asia Pacific in the people space and has been sought after for his expert insights as evidenced by his appointment in various advisory boards and councils.

Chandru was Global CHRO at Standard Chartered, now turned entrepreneur.

• Twice funded by Singapore Government, he launched an award winning AI platform to aggregate, curate and engage experts on full time- short to medium term or part time or on turnkey assignments at CXO and minus 3 levels, across Asia and GCC countries.

• The platform has access to 400+ M experts globally with integrated databases that we continuously curate on the platform to shortlist and verify thousands of domain experts to be actively engaged by the clients.

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