The most underappreciated key to success


Do you know what will make you the best in your profession?

It’s not having the most talent.

It’s not necessarily being the hardest worker or the nicest person (unfortunately).

All the skills, talent and connections in the world are no match for one quality that endures, standing the test of time and outwitting any foe that dares to challenge it.

This quality is something that is often overlooked. It’s underappreciated. Oddly, it’s not that highly valued, nor does it appear on many people’s mission statements or core values.

It’s acknowledged with mild enthusiasm.

Ho hum.

That quality? (How was this for a tease?!)


Consistency deserves its rightful seat at the head of the table of every successful entrepreneur, company, operation, venture and story of accomplishment. And yet?

It ain’t sexy, baby.

Few people ever truly get to the point of maximum consistency in the key areas of their lives. Sure, they’ll rise at 6:30 A.M. on the button each morning. They maybe won’t cut corners- always on time for work! And they’ll pay their taxes and do their darnedest in all they do.

Admirable, to be sure.

But will they consistently tackle every task of their life with belief, commitment and purpose?

Will they give-in or change course when the going gets a little too tough? How firm will they stand in the headwinds of adversity?

Will they truly see things through to completion that they believe in with all their hearts?

That’s consistency. That’s persistence. That’s resilience.

As Mr. Tom Petty once said: “I won’t back down.”

And as Christopher D. Connors once said,

Truth is, there’s no other way toward living a life of fulfillment. I know this. I am an expert on this. Because I’ve tried the countless other ways and fallen short.

I have the emotional, spiritual and mental scars to prove it. You just can’t see ’em. But they’re there, alright.

What I’ve learned on my journey is that consistency is absolutely, positively, unequivocally KING.

Consistency in doing what you say you’re going to do.

Consistency in following through and seeing tasks through to completion when you have control.

Consistently showing up and giving your best effort each day- even when you don’t want to.

Consistency in attitude and leadership.

Consistency when you doubt.

Consistency when others doubt you.

Consistency when it really doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, but that powerful voice inside your head- ya know, the one of intuition that always seems to be right- is pleading and screaming at you to keep going. Because you need to keep going. Because if you do, you will reap the rewards and benefits of perseverance.

I’ll tell you what- this is so easy when the going is good. It’s practically effortless.

But truly powerful consistency is revealed when times are tough. When times are bad. This is where you have to go for it with all your might and resist the urge to give in “for another day.” Because then, you’ve broken your habit. And it gets harder and harder to get back on track.

Think about times where you’ve stopped short previously in life because you haven’t consistently given things your time, energy, effort and haven’t “stuck to your guns” enough to see something through that you deeply believe in!

How did that make you feel?

It isn’t easy to keep going when you don’t see results. It’s the biggest challenge we will EVER face to our personal development. It’s adversity in its finest and most formidable manifestation.

This is where you have to embrace the path you’ve chosen and surround yourself with positive influences.

Cast worry to the side and approach every day with a resolute mind and consistency.

The biggest results of your life will follow when you simply give it your best shot every day.

It’s the way. I promise.

Are you willing to give it your best shot every day?

As Lee Ann Womack once sang, “When you get the choice to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance.” That’s what living is all about.

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