The Futurist: How will future HR technology alter the HR Function


Annie Suen, general manager of learning and organisational development, LF Logistics on how human resources professionals should approach their jobs in this digital age

HR technology will be the enabler for a new process design and bring a whole new employee experience throughout the employee life cycle.

I believe technology is going to drive 3Es – efficiency, effectiveness and engagement in the HR operation. With that being said, here are my thoughts on how human resources professionals should approach their jobs.

What HR practitioners need to do to be prepared for the future workplace
As HR practitioners, we need to be agile and adopt a “customer experience mindset” approach to enhance the overall recruitment and development experience to employees, like how we serve our customers. We want to create solutions that are user-friendly, engaging, simple and easy to adapt.

In this digital age, building a digital workforce is essential. HR practitioners should be prepared to uplift our own digital literacy and put more focus on enhancing the digital savviness of the workforce to cope with the future of work.

Using new platforms, combined with HR technologies, HR professionals are bringing people and processes together. Change management will become a core skill that HR practitioners need to master under the technology transformation. Developing and strengthening intelligent teams, who are capable of leveraging the latest technology such as AI and incorporating heavily into chatbots to deliver personalised experiences online, is going to be a trend.

People analytics has been growing by leaps and bounds. HR teams are applying insights gained from these mediums to carry out talent acquisition, workforce planning, people development strategy and much more. With the good use of the analytical tools, it could help us determine who will be the best candidate for the job and even understand which employee is planning to leave the company and why.

What local HR can learn from their international counterparts and vice-versa
I think inviting local HR practitioners to participate in the pilot testing of the latest HR technologies initiated by the corporate team is the best way of learning. By giving them first-hand experience in using the technology and offering feedback will be the key to winning over their buy-in and support.


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