Technology integration could make the difference in landing top talent


Dive Brief:

  • A majority of workers (64%) in a new study believe their organization is at risk of falling behind if new workplace technology isn’t fully integrated, according to a new study from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company. Staffers are looking for a workplace that is driven by digitization, from climate controlled offices and beyond, Aruba said.
  • An even larger majority (71%) believe the future workplace should be fully automated, and 72% believe it should be an interactive environment that updates itself automatically.
  • Another 61% of employees are looking for VR and AR to play a stronger role in their workday. Companies that embrace technology are more likely to be viewed positively by their employees. Among employees in the study who felt their employers were creating digital workplaces, 73% praised their company’s employee culture, compared to only 39% of respondents who felt the opposite about their employers.

Dive Insight:
A future-focused company culture looms large in the view of employees and candidates. Whether it’s an official online presence or reviews posted by current, former or potential employees, an enterprise’s reputation can be the difference between acquiring and retaining top talent or struggling to meet headcount and productivity numbers. The best and brightest job seekers are looking to work for companies that embrace cutting-edge, next gen technology.

As the workplace continues to evolve, tech that enhances digital tasks will likely bring companies to the forefront. The challenge may be to walk the fine line between an impersonal environment that loses the human touch in recruitment and sourcing and a digitally-enabled environment. Personalization, even in a highly digital environment, is generally preferred by both candidates and current employees.

Maintaining a strong employer brand increasingly includes dependence on technology to attract talent. For many, individualizing and branding the recruitment experience not only showcases the company commitment to technology for recruits but promotes the business in the marketplace overall.


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