Step up to a job that challenges you like no other

Explore the diverse ways you can play a part in the Singapore Army to keep your country safe.

Imagine a job where every task you do is about serving your country, community and the people you love.

You deal with ground operations and tactics, just not the type that involves office politics. You are tasked to manage and ensure the welfare of up to hundreds of colleagues. And at the end of the day, your biggest task is to safeguard the security of your country and the well-being of your loved ones.

If these are challenges that spur you, a career with the Singapore Army is one that will change your life, regardless of the role you take on.

Being successful in the Singapore Army is more than just having brawn. Going the distance in this career requires inner grit, a passion for your job and a larger vision for country above self.

Through study sponsorships on offer, the Singapore Army supports your educational goals, whether you are eyeing a diploma or gunning for an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) certificate.

After you graduate, you can go on to choose from a wide range of vocations that are suitable for most personality types.

If you live on adrenaline rushes, you are likely to thrive in combat vocations such as infantry, guards, armour or combat engineers. If you are meticulous and have an affinity for problem-solving, fields such as engineering, intelligence, supply, transport or medical services may be your focus area.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you join the Singapore Army:

1. Getting your education sponsored

Imagine not needing your parents to pay for your school fees and knowing that you are securing your future all on your own.

One of the benefits of signing on with the Singapore Army as you embark on your diploma or ITE studies is the sponsorship of all tuition and compulsory fees, should you apply within or before the first year of your studies. If you apply after your first year, you are still eligible for 60 per cent sponsorship of all tuition and compulsory fees.

2. Receiving monthly allowance while you study

While most people in school may have to work and study at the same time, signing on with the Singapore Army means that you get an allowance without the extra stress of having to juggle work.

Successful applicants who are pursuing a diploma or an education in ITE will receive a monthly allowance of up to $1,300 or an allowance of up to $750 respectively.

3. Having job security and stability

By receiving the SAF Study Sponsorship, you will have a secure job waiting for you after graduation.

A recipient is guaranteed of having a job that is personally and professionally rewarding and offers great job progression.

4. Reaping the rewards of your job

In the Singapore Army, a 3rd Sergeant or a Military Expert 1 can earn up to $2,400 to $2600 monthly.

On top of the monthly salary, you can look forward to mid-year and year-end bonuses, performance bonuses – about 15 months of salary per year – and yearly merit increments.

There are other benefits such as Flexible Benefits System (FLEX) which can be used to pay for life’s needs such as insurance, vacations or education for yourself and your dependents.

In addition, you will also receive Premium Bonuses and contributions into your Career and Endowment Account (CARE) as a WOSPEC. As a Military Expert, you will receive MDES Experts Continuous Engagement and Learning Bonuses (EXCEL).

5. Developing your career

After joining the Singapore Army, you get the opportunity to try various roles and develop your personal, leadership and decision-making skills to further your career.

You will be given responsibilities such as commanding a section of soldiers. Progressively, as you climb the ranks, you will be in charge of more soldiers and be assigned more leadership roles.

Recognising that skills and professional upgrading is crucial, the Singapore Army will support your aspirations to further your education qualifications with the Continuous Learning and Academic sponsorship scheme (CLASS) and SAF MDES study award.

6. Immersing yourself in a great culture

As a part of the Singapore Army, you will be supported as you seek to develop academically, professionally and personally in a people-first organisation where HR policies are set in place to take care of your well-being in various pillars such as training and development, health and wellness, financial support and others.

In the Singapore Army, the people you work with are not just your colleagues – some of them may become lifelong buddies. The one-for-all and all-for-one spirit allows you to experience camaraderie like no other because of the bond and relationship that is built throughout your time here, through the ups and downs.

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