Significant percentage of employees world over disengaged

Employee engagement is a key bottom-line issue, yet over one-third of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged, finds out a study.

According to the study, which covered 17 countries and 12,480 participants, Indian workers ranked well above global averages on all engagement metrics, scoring higher than all other countries.

Moreover, Indian workers have also rated every workplace satisfaction metric significantly above global averages.

Global workplace solution provider Steelcase partnered with research firm IPSOS for the study to measure relevant dimensions of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

This study found that while more than one-third of workers are disengaged, another third are somewhere in the middle, not working against their companies, but not driving better business results either.

“When workers become disengaged, it costs companies money, slows projects, drains resources and undermines company goals, as well as the efforts of their engaged counterparts.

This is why employee is one of the key issues facing leading global organisations today,” the study said. The study noted that the most highly engaged employees tend to hail from emerging economies and the least engaged come from countries in well-established markets.

Analysis of the data identified a pattern that the country where employees live, its culture and the resulting expectations have an impact on how highly engaged and satisfied they are with their workplace.

As for India, the study noted that 70 per cent of the country’s employees occupy either a private or shared private office at work and this is an important metric for employee engagement.

“Culturally, having a workspace of one’s own, even if it is compact and modest, is a signal of belonging and importance, which may explain the overall high degree of workplace satisfaction,” it added.


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