Should you follow your boss to a new job?


There’s no doubt: you are lucky to have a great boss. Many workers out there find it difficult to blend with their managers, yet they are on their jobs pushing for success. A good boss leads to greater achievements while also giving you peace of mind and sometimes a more fulfilling career. That’s why it will feel like you’re starting a new job or a new life at work if the good boss decides to leave for another company. But what if he offers you the opportunity to join him? Will it be ideal to follow your boss to a new job?

There is no direct answer (like yes or no) to this question. A decision to follow your boss to a new job or not depends on some factors; how significant both ends would contribute to your career development, not just the fact that he likes your job quality.

Why you should follow your boss to a new job
You retain the familiarity: certainly not referring to jitters at a new job but the main working process. Following your boss to a new job may feel very safe since you have been working with him for quite some time. You will not be required to start a new work relationship with a new boss. There are chances that you could improve in the quality of your services since you are already familiar with his management style. And also, save yourself from the risks of having to try a new boss

There’s no question about your capacity: with your boss already knowing how you work and how much you can achieve, there is no further reassessment of your work capacity.

Opportunity for a fresh start: following your boss to a new company would be ideal if you don’t have a good reputation at your current office. It offers you the opportunity for a fresh start if you’ve been looking forward to it

Why you should not follow your boss to a new job
Risks of new challenges: the familiarity you have with your boss does not mean you’re going to meet the same work culture at the new office. Can you deal with an entirely new corporate culture? It may not sit well with you. New culture and pressure may change your boss’ attitude and management style to affect you negatively, even if you’re his most favorite staff. There’s no full assurance either way; it could be better to stick around for a new boss at your current office.

It is believed that you already have a career dream which should not be compromised due to sentiments. Would you leave your dream to follow boss to a new job? You may consider following your boss to a new job if the new company is better than where you are now. Also, consider your wage. Are you going to earn more or lose thousands of bucks at the new job? How about the health insurance you’re enjoying now? These are essential benefits you should consider before making a plunge. If it’s not worth it, wait for a new boss.


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