Revolutionising the hiring market

Technology has changed the face of every aspect of today’s life. Improvisations and optimisation of business, connectivity, travel and many daily amenities have made life easy. With the increasing mantle of technology, Worknrby — an online portal for employers and employees help people in finding the jobs.


It can be said that, this platform has become the guide to hunt and shortlist relevant jobs for specific candidates on the basis of the expertise levels. Recruitment and technology go hand in hand but also there is a bit of cynical aftermath of it in the hiring sector, and on the other hand, it has revolutionised the jobs hiring market.

Technology offers employers a job pool out of which they funnel the best. Hiring and industry trends both reach the intended candidates rather than going the old route of ad placements and consultants. The employers reported over 30 per cent increase in the referral candidate counts via social media recruiting techniques. Industry recruiters have always preferred the candidates referred by existing employees and social media helps engage into referral recruitment easily.

Video interviewing over social media channels has also been a part of a long-distance recruitment online trend. Laurie Zaucha, VP HR and Organisational Development, Paychex says that “he application process should be simple and focused, with the ability for candidates to save their information and apply from a variety of devices.”

You no longer have to wait and see for the eligible candidates, as the moment skills of any job matches with the candidate skills, the vacancy automatically gets notified to them. Though there are many perks of using social media as the right platform but it also highlights not to get carried away by such profiles. Job portals have shown a maximum impact of technology on employment.

Worknrby has spread its roots in the recruitment industry by serving the crowd with deep job search focusing the local areas for employment. Recruiters and hiring managers find it as the best tool to receive a significant count of applications and scan the best talent out of them.

Worknrby, assists with the concept of automatic generation of micro CV. This feature supports the feeding of information by the candidate in order to maintain a profile, and then it automatically combines this data to generate a micro CV. The advent of technology has improvised the application process to an extent that as soon as an applicant updates anything on his job portal account, a relevant recruiter is immediately notified. Professional websites like LinkedIn are powerful online tools used by recruiters.

As suggested by Careerrealism, a job portal states that 98 per cent of the job seekers will not apply for a job opening for the recruiter who does not have a LinkedIn page. The top recruiters of the industry opt to build a job opening on a mobile portal. Apps offer a high-tech applicant tracking system to both recruiters and job seekers. Not only are the recruiters opting for mobile- recruitment apps but the online portals are being developed keeping the aspect of mobile user experience in mind. Influencing the employment industry, technology has impersonated a tremendous transition as the avenues to seek new jobs have increased.

The future of job projections revealed by the US Bureau of Labour of Statistics shows that the emergence of jobs over the next decade is going to curate the best content via social media programmes. With the integration of online talent management system including- job descriptions, applicant tracking, verification, it smoothens and innovates the hiring process. This has proved its presence in the recruitment industry by bridging the gap between job aspirant and recruiters, especially in the local industry level.

With its technology of skill-set match mechanism and micro CV generation, it has become the present and the future in the recruitment sector yielding high-quality results.


(The articles above have been curated from various sources but not been edited by ICube staff)

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