Preparing a Workforce for the Future


As one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. Siemens in the USA employs approximately 80,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

“Training is our future,” says Richard Voorberg, Vice President of Global Services Operations, Power Services for Siemens Corporation. “Technology is getting more complex, so we need to have employees that are more knowledgeable and able to add the most value to our company and our customers.”

Expanding Learning Opportunities While Streamlining Processes
“E-learning is a critical part of developing employees in large organizations like Siemens,” says Casper Moerck, Learning Technology Manager for Siemens Corporation. “We are trying to solve infrastructure issues surrounding energy and healthcare globally. Keeping up with those challenges requires a strong learning organization.

Some of the challenges Siemens Corporation was facing with its previous e-learning initiatives were managing the multiple vendors required to offer the courses the company wanted to provide, the varying quality of the courses themselves, and a lack of service from the e-learning course providers. “In addition, we had to really be very involved with the integration of each vendor into our learning management system (LMS), which took a great deal of internal resources,” adds Moerck.

Increased L&D Productivity With Expert Curation
With a highly dispersed learner base and self-funded learning organization, the Siemens Learning Campus team relies on OpenSesame to find, select, and evaluate the e-learning courses they need as well as assist with improving e-learning utilization.

“I like the fact that they aggregate content from best-in-class publishers,” says Lisa Lang, Head of Learning Campus for Siemens Corporation. “They look at each discipline, area, or topic that we need to cover within our catalog and find the best courses and publishers, so we don’t have to do the work ourselves.”

Deploying New E-Learning Courses Quickly and Easily
Siemens moved to OpenSesame three years ago, taking advantage of the seamless integration with its LMS. “The integration with our LMS was a strong selling point,” says Moerck. “And managing OpenSesame courses within our LMS is easy thanks to the API integration. When you’re able to integrate a new e-learning vendor into your learning platform within a couple of months, that says a lot.”

LMS integration makes it easier to quickly add e-learning courses to the LMS catalog. Siemens can preview courses, read reviews, and research publisher information before purchasing any course from OpenSesame; once purchased, new courses sync instantly into the LMS.

30% Increase in Usage
E-learning utilization is a key metric for any learning and development initiative—and validates that learners are utilizing the courses you have made available. “We’ve seen a 30 percent increase in usage of our e-learning program since implementing OpenSesame,” notes Moerck. “I see people benefiting from our e-learning programs on a daily basis. We are providing value to both the individual learners and the company.”

Furthermore, connecting business results to training is paramount for any organization to recognize a return on investment in training. “We have seen more efficiency and productivity with OpenSesame,” says Lang.

Training for the Future
“The beauty of Siemens is you can stay with one company for your whole career and have a dozen different jobs,” says Voorberg. To facilitate and support Siemens employees to advance their careers, the Siemens Learning Campus is providing the tools they need to develop the skills required for their next job. With OpenSesame, Siemens Corporation is able to offer a modern, effective, and agile learning experience for all of its employees.

By Agnes Herba, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OpenSesame


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