Performance Management Might Change But It’s Not Going Away


If there was one term that dominated the workplace conversation in 2016 it was the “performance appraisal.” That’s okay. I think it’s good to re-evaluate traditions. The performance review hasn’t changed for decades. It’s long overdue.

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That being said, there are some pieces of the performance management process that still perform a valuable function. In fact, it possible that there’s nothing wrong with certain components of performance management…except that we’ve strayed away from using appraisals in the way they were intended. So, like many things, maybe we need a little refresher to get back on track.

We talked about performance management quite a bit on HR Bartender. Here are some of the most popular posts on the topic. The titles alone remind us there’s some good to be found in performance management.

Performance Reviews Are a Process – Not an Event

Is it possible that we aren’t looking at performance reviews the right way? Rather than viewing them as an event – they should be seen as a process.

Managers Must Be Able to Identify Employee Performance

To manage well, managers need to be knowledgeable about employee performance. They need to know what good work is. Effective performance feedback is key.

5 Ways to Keep Performance Reviews from Becoming Boring

Performance reviews have risen to the top of the hate list for most businesses. Could we do them better? Maybe – here are 5 ways that may help.

Transforming Performance Management for Increased Agility

Today we know the importance of agility. The message from SilkRoad is getting performance management right shows big results for increased agility.

Are Learning Goals Better Than Performance Goals

Workplace goals are important. But, are learning goals better than performance goals? We need to know the difference and why we are setting them.

Your Employees Want Quality Recognition

Managers can praise too much. When it comes to recognition, employees want quality over quantity. That was the results of our recent HR Bartender poll.

Performance management will continue to be a significant topic in 2017. Organizations need to align their performance management processes with company culture and business strategies. That’s critical for attracting and retaining talent and for overall business success. It doesn’t mean turn the process on its head, but it’s time for performance appraisals to meet the needs of today’s workplace.

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