People And Profits: Finding Talent And Improving Retention

What does company culture mean to you?

Once you’ve answered this question, you can start to think about the hiring process as a way of enhancing your culture with the best possible candidates with the best possible backgrounds. The key to finding and retaining talent is to define your hiring process using methods that are in alignment with your company values and ambitions. Especially when your business is service-based, finding and keeping a top-tier team is your path to success. Dedication to putting people over profits has helped our company be named one of the best places to work, as well as one of the fastest-growing companies in San Diego. As we like to say, “Happy staff, happy clients.”

Using Your Talent To Set Yourself Apart

If you’ve ever sat through the primetime show “The Good Doctor,” then you’ve seen an example of how unexpected and poignant talent can be. The first lesson in identifying the best of the best is this: Don’t write anyone off based on his or her resume alone.

Consider using a set of logic tests, IQ tests, behavioral assessments and interactive scenarios that challenge the reactions of the candidate and comparing these instead of pedigrees.

What do you do with the best and the brightest once you’ve found them? You find ways to keep them.

Building A Culture Of Respect

We’ve found that creating a culture of mutual respect is the most effective of all the ways to retain your talent. This involves presenting yourself in a way that’s both professional and brings in the personal elements. The connection that this creates will help foster loyalty and teamwork for the business. Paying employees a competitive wage along with offering a number of incentives is important. Some of these include:

Give bonuses: In the past, we’ve used an online tool that allows team members to reward one another using a point system. Points can be used to purchase several high-end and useful goods. Not only does this encourage interaction, but it also teaches team members to work for, and with, one another in a way that’s both cohesive and appreciative. Regardless of the method, offering some sort of incentive can encourage healthy competition and help to keep everyone working toward an attainable goal.
Offer great benefits: Health care, vision, dental, preventative care and even the use of company vehicles can create a higher rate of employee retention. Don’t just be a company that accepts a high turnover rate; offer benefits that speak to the future of a person’s place in the company. This can mean offering excellent retirement packages and an increasing number of paid vacation days. Growing incentives with time can give employees something to look forward to and another reason to stay with your company.
Recognize talent publicly: When your self-starting A-player stays up all night putting together a presentation that wins a new client, appreciate them publicly. Give them credit for the work they do, offer them an immediate reward, and even consider them for a promotion when appropriate.
Provide mentorship: There are several mentorship programs that can help preexisting talent hone their capabilities and bring out their best, both personally and professionally. Mentors are trained to recognize untapped potential and to start cultivating this within the business.
Reward staff with fun events and celebrations. This year, we have already had three company happy hours and a night watching the San Diego Padres. Next month, we have a day at the races planned. Consider inviting your team to any events your company is part of. Also, try hosting monthly and seasonal events and team outings.
The balance needed to weed out standard applicants from real A-players is one of personal and professional connection. Design your hiring process based on your company’s culture and the needs of those working within the business. Don’t just be the boss — be the architect of your business.


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