Leveraging HR Technology Without Losing the Personal Touch

To attract and retain top talent in today’s market, a unique and personable talent experience is everything. Sought after talent will engage with companies that put in the extra effort to demonstrate why their opportunity is the one worth accepting and why their company is the one worth committing to for career development and fulfillment.

Here at Credera, we care deeply about this topic because as a management and technology consulting firm, our people are our greatest asset. Our talented employees drive the way we add value to our clients by the way they serve, advise, and deliver innovative solutions. We are constantly evaluating and iterating ways to better attract and retain top talent. In recent years, we’ve focused specifically on leveraging HR technology to improve our candidate experience.

Historically our candidate experience has been highly personal and relied heavily on a manual process. As we began to evolve our strategy to include more automation and to leverage digital tools, there was initial hesitation that replacing technology with personal processes might lower the quality of our candidate experience. (Yes, an ironic concern for a technology company.) In the end, however, adopting HR technology has allowed us to streamline our process and deliver an even more high-touch experience to candidates, one that is both thoughtfully personal and highly efficient.

Leveraging AI and Automation in the Candidate Experience

At Credera, we are constantly up against top technology firms with stronger brands for top talent, and so we know every touch point in the interview process is crucial to differentiate ourselves from the competition. With AI startups entering the HR technology landscape, we’ve come to find the automation that AI brings to recruitment is nice for automating simple, repeatable tasks (scheduling, etc.)—however, there is a human touch missing from the AI experience that only a dedicated employee can provide.

This is why Credera has made it a point to invest in a robust applicant tracking system that promotes a consistent yet customizable candidate experience. Through the tool’s structure, Credera is able to provide a fair evaluation process—all interviewers ask identical questions and evaluate candidates on the same criteria. In addition, the entire interview lifecycle is set up for both automation and scaling.

There are endless opportunities to improve the talent experience through HR technology

The documentation capabilities of the applicant tracking system allow us to access to interview data, understand patterns, and identify opportunities to improve talent evaluation. This includes data gathered from candidates themselves through anonymous surveys that are collected and stored for analysis.

Our HR technology dedicated to the candidate experience ensures a high touch approach to candidate engagement, while also providing opportunities for tailoring to a candidate’s needs and empathizing with them in ways technology alone simply cannot. We believe this application gives us an edge in the recruitment of top talent, and we are grateful for its impact on our ability to attract and hire the right individuals we need to grow our company.

Streamlining the Onboarding Experience with HR Technology

Another benefit to an applicant tracking system is the seamless bridge it creates for onboarding. Once an employee is hired, the next critical experience is onboarding. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) found that new employees who are part of a well-structured onboarding orientation program are 69 percent more likely to remain at a company for up to three years.

Since so many people are smart phone savvy, custom mobile applications can be created thats allow employees to sign and complete their onboarding paperwork from any mobile device. Not only can the fully digital and mobile friendly process dramatically improve user experience for employees, it can have a significant positive impact on internal processes and efficiencies. The integration across internal platforms improves sustainability, lowers costs, and enables better governance, versioning, and storage of employee documents.

Improving the Employee Experience Through Self Service

The ongoing employee experience also has tremendous opportunities to be influenced by HR technology.

For instance, a mobile application can put all of the answers to HR-related questions in the palm of the employee’s hand. Now HR team members spend less time answering questions employees can easily answer through the application. Further an HR chat bot can augment the application so the employee spends less effort looking for an answer to an HR question and more time staying engaged at work. Through this HR technology, employees can now have a mobile application that promotes a better employee experience and retention thanks to its ease of use and time saved.

Where Could HR Technology Improve Your Talent Experience?

HR technology can influence the talent experience in a variety of ways. It is recommended to start with your greatest HR problem and assess how an application could transform the way you do things in this area. There are endless opportunities to improve the talent experience through HR technology.

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