Illusion of effective performance management system


Most companies have traditional processes where goals are set at the beginning of the year, and then they are pulled out again at the end of the year. Based on this performance, employees are categorized, rated and awarded.

The current methods of performance management only give the illusion that employees will get feedback that helps drive their performance. A performance Management system is not just about goal settings or measuring goals. Apparently, it is also not about the Bell Curve. In the world where businesses are seeking exponential growth, it is about building & enabling culture centered on care and technology. The key discussion pointers of the session are:

The major challenges with current ways of performance management system
What should be major outcomes of a performance management system and how we can address the current gaps in the system?
What’s the future of performance management entails?
How we can build a performance management system which is centered around care and technology?


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