HR News: Study Finds HR Most Stressful Profession


Work can be hard. That, obviously, doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Generally speaking, most days are great, but there are rough ones peppered throughout the year. For HR though, there is new statistical data that indicates those professionals deal with more stress than another other profession. Also making HR News headlines this week: the latest jobs report is out from the U.S. government and one industry is celebrating impressive job growth despite the previous month’s slump and Google Cloud is under new HR leadership as it works toward taking on competitors, Amazon and Microsoft.

HR News
HR Most Stressful Profession
Everyone thinks their profession is the most stressful. Now, HR professionals have statistical proof indicating the human resources profession tops all others. Human Resources Online writes, according to a new report from Perkbox surveying some 16,000 respondents from more than 50 cities in the United Kingdom, 79 percent of HR professionals say they were negatively impact by their job. Behind HR, 63 percent of legal workers and 54 percent of retail, catering and leisure workers said the same.

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So, why is the percentage of stress for HR professionals so high? According to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the reasons include:

Constantly being asked to multitask
Discussing negative issues
Constant pressure to find solutions to company issues
Transportation Jobs On-Top In September
The September jobs report is out and the transportation sector is the clear star. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted the industry added 16,000 jobs. Business Insider reports September’s growth follows a previous month of shrinking positions. Across the country, some 136,000 jobs were added. That number was lower than expected. Regardless, unemployment remains at an historic low.

New HR Leader at Google Cloud
Former SAP executive Brigette McInnis-Day has been tapped to lead Google Cloud’s human resources department. The move comes as the company is scaling in order to meet cloud market leaders head on in competition. Those market leaders: Amazon and Microsoft. The move to bring McInnis-Day onboard comes after Google Cloud previously announced it would triple its salesforce according to CNBC. McInnis-Day, who officially joined the company on September 30, served previously as the chief operations officer and head of digital HR for SAP’s SuccessFactors

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