HR News: Machine Learning Can Reduce Turnover


Every HR professional is trying to figure out how to stop turnover. At the same time, they are working on ways to predict which employees are preparing to leave the company and find a way to intervene before it actually happens. In other HR news, Qdoba is facing a $400,000 fine over child labor law allegations, August 23 is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and some new figures out show how large the gap is and one author believes social learning is the next big corporate learning strategy.

HR News
Machine Learning Can Reduce Turnover
A new study from Harvard Business Review says using machine learning on certain types of data can predict who will leave a company before the exit occurs. The article’s authors, Brooks Holtom and David Allen, say that data, which includes the employee’s past job information and skills-related data, was used to make the prediction. This points to further proof that data-driven decision making can help employers retain those workers who best support the company and can reduce costs associated with turnover. Read more here.

Qdoba fined over $400,000 for child labor law violations
Qdoba restaurants in Massachusetts have been fined more than $400,000 after allegedly violating child labor laws more than 1,000 times. That’s according to Boston News. The state’s attorney general, Maura Healey, said minors employed at several of Qdoba locations worked beyond 10:30p on school nights. Additionally the attorney general said her office found “18 instances of a minor working over 48 hours in a week, and 25 times that Qdoba didn’t have the work permit required when hiring a minor. Each violation carried a $250 penalty.”

Black Women’s Pay Gap Continues to Exist
62% of people “acknowledge that white men make more money than Black women on average” according to a new study from SurveyMonkey and That same survey says 44% of people are aware a pay gap exists between black women and white women. These are just some of the newest figures released on August 23, 2019, also known as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. According to Caroline Fairchild, managing news editor for LinkedIn, for “black women making roughly 61 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men make, it would take about 19 months of work — January of one year until August of the next — for Black women to make up for the gap.” Read more here.

Why Social Learning is the Need of the Hour
Social Learning is the “need of the hour.” That’s according to Debadrita Sengupta. If you’re unfamiliar with social learning, It’s all about people learning by observing and imitating others. Why: because it boosts learning interaction and expression and fosters healthy competition among other things. Details here.

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