HR departments that focus on branding receive more recruitment funding


Dive Brief:

  • In a survey that polled over 500 companies, Beamery’s “State of Recruitment Marketing 2018” verifies what many companies believe: employer branding is critical to successful recruitment. Not surprisingly, 77% of respondents believe recruitment marketing is a priority for this year.
  • To address the need to market the recruitment function, companies are increasing their funding — and responding well to marketing initiatives. HR leaders who are prioritizing recruitment marketing have seen a 45% increase in talent acquisition budgets, while those who are not only receive 23% additional funding.
  • Technology is paving the way to promote the business brand: 29% of companies leverage CRMs and marketing platforms for recruitment marketing actions, compared to 18% who do not.

Dive Insight:
For employers to remain competitive in this tight talent market, a strong employer brand is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s a must. In a digital age, candidates will read an average of seven reviews about a company before forming an opinion. Chief Human Resource Officers are now facing the same issue as their marketing peers: a focus on their reputation and brand in the marketplace.

Employers large and small need to be aware and on top of maintaining their brand online. Recent data showed only 1 in 5 candidates will apply to a company with a negative online reputation. Another survey showed 76% of job seekers research the company before submitting an application.

Recruitment marketing may be a new initiative for most HR Departments; in fact, the survey reveals that many companies don’t even have the role on staff. But as recruitment continues to turn toward technology for help, HR managers are increasingly focused on retaining the human touch in all hiring processes to stand out from the crowd.

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