How to Use Technology to Make any Workplace More Millennial-Friendly?


How to take care of your millennial talents and make them stick around for years? Grzegorz Koblanski, CEO at Indoorway talks about turning the workplace into a digitalized and employee-friendly space with one app!

Millennials have a reputation for frequent job-hopping. But thanks to proper tools and technology employers can make them feel at home and stick around for years.

Today’s digital generation is always on the go. Employees having less than 35 years want to do their tasks effectively and move up the ladder faster. What’s more, they expect their workplace to be agile, just as they are. If it’s not, millennials are not afraid to change their job and they do it more often than any other generation. Thus, HR executives come up with dozens of employee retention strategies aligned with their values. A good plan for keeping employees for years should start just at the beginning of their journey with the company, and that means – during the onboarding process.

If given enough attention from the start, millennials can be loyal and engaged employees who stay in one company for years. The key to keeping young talent hooked is a good onboarding process that will successfully introduce them to the company’s culture and purpose. But how to give a proper welcome to each new person on board, when dozens of employees join your company every month? What’s more, to design a good onboarding process, HR professionals have to take into consideration the habits of the young generation – the digital natives, who always want to be well-informed and who use technological gadgets to fulfill this need, both privately and professionally.

Luckily, employers can now equip new hires with user-friendly apps that not only give access to the information about the company and colleagues, but also navigate them around the office like GPS. Solutions such as InOffice by Indoorway can increase the level of onboarding satisfaction. In what ways? What can they offer millennials who have just joined the team and how to stop them thinking about job hopping again? Grzegorz Koblański, CEO at Indoorway, gives four tips on turning millennial hires into loyal employees.

1. Make their first steps easier

Millennials are used to being able to look up all kinds of information on their smartphones, whenever they need to. Provide them with a mobile app that will walk them through the company’s basics: HR procedures, vacation policy, health care benefits and first-day tasks. You will not only boost new hires’ morale but also save time you’re now spending on answering all their questions.

2. Guide them around the office

Working on ambitious and challenging tasks makes millennials stick around longer. Help them focus on meaningful work from the start by giving them access to an interactive, real-time map of your office, complete with contact details for all departments. Instead of wasting time on finding the right conference room and asking around for an email to the head of accounting, they’ll be able to get all that information with one tap on the screen.

3. Build a strong team

A close-knit community is one of the top factors that make people stay in the same job, and, according to research, it’s important to more than 80% of millennials. Why not launch an internal social media platform? Set up a “who is who” feature, which is immensely helpful for companies with over 100 employees. Inform people of birthdays, parties, workshops and after-hours activities. Employees who feel connected tend to be happier and more engaged than those who are left out.

4. Keep everyone on the same page

Millennials value transparency and open communication in their workplace. They want to know why they’re asked to do something, not just how to do it. Keep all your employees up to date on the latest developments and successes in the company by posting updates on a newsfeed. By showing millennials the big picture and openly appreciating their contributions, you will inspire them to do their job better and give them a sense of purpose.

As the KPMG research shows, hires who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay at the company for the next 3 years. Better onboarding means better employee retention. Therefore, redesigning the onboarding process and applying technologically advanced solutions like InOffice simply reduces company’s costs. Not to mention building the image of an enterprise, which is up to date with high-tech, user-friendly tools or willing to use technology to make a significant shift in its corporate culture.

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