How To Create A Billion Dollar Business With Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley


Workhuman’s CEO Eric Mosley shares details about his upbringing, discusses how he and the company got their start and explains how Workhuman has achieved unicorn status. Listen to the full episode on An Irishman Abroad.

How to you go from failing the Leaving Certificate to running company valued north of 1 billion dollars? This week, Jarlath is joined by Workhuman’s co-founder and CEO Eric Mosely to find out how he took a gift cards idea and turned it into something that could change business forever.

Eric speaks candidly for the first time about his struggles in school (5:00), how he tasted poverty he experienced growing up in Tallaght in the eighties stayed with him (13:00), the deficit of ambition he has in Irish CEOs and where it might come from (31:00).

There’s a fascinating discussion on the much maligned millenials (48:00) and his thoughts on the current state of America (1:11:00). Eric explains what he calls the art of rewarding people at work (43:00) and much more. If you’re looking for a truly rare and insight into one of Ireland’s top business minds, you’ve found it.

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Supplementary research provided by John Meagher.

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