How Love Can Be One Of The Biggest Drivers Of Business Success


There can be success drivers of all types. The desire to have more money or to be your own boss is a big one for a lot of would-be entrepreneurs. Some happened to just get lucky, falling into something that turned out to be incredibly lucrative. Others want to impress people at their high school reunion or become well-known enough that anyone would recognize them. All are valid forms of success.

But I’ve also developed different definitions of success over the years as I’ve grown up and had a wider variety of experiences in the business world. Having a family, being responsible for others’ livelihoods, and pinpointing the things that will genuinely make me proud have taken the place of money and notoriety. Getting to know some of the happiest entrepreneurs and employees at companies around the world has reinforced for me that success and happiness can happen simultaneously.

Let me define success in terms of business: It’s not just money. It’s building a company with a strong mission, with good people, that thrives financially. To say success is just financial is missing the point. You may not love what you do, as a career coach would recommend, but you can do what you do because of love. As cheesy as it sounds, I see a mission driven by a love for something or someone as one of the fiercest forces of success.

Love for the Company

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One of the common trends I’ve seen among companies with skyrocketing growth isn’t necessarily leadership-oriented. In each case, an employee who truly cared deeply about the company saw an opportunity to innovate and make things better. Founders are only one or two people establishing a vision — the people who carry it out and love the mission can make the biggest difference.

One example of a company taking this seriously is Adobe. To encourage engaged employees to get their innovative juices flowing, Adobe launched its KickStart innovation program, giving employees $1,000 to develop a prototype. Not only does the initiative reward people for getting creative — rather than restrict them — but it also takes traditional roadblocks out of their way. I’d bet money that inspires even more love for the company.

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