Execs know they need employee trust — but they don’t have a plan to build it


Dive Brief:
Nearly all chief executives (96%) responding to a recent survey said building and maintaining trust with stakeholders is a high priority, according to a Jan. 14 announcement from global leadership community YPO.
While many said the importance of trust has increased in recent years, 40% of chief executives said they find it easy to build trust with employees.
Moreover, more than 60% of respondents said they have yet to measure employee trust within their business; only a third (34%) have plans for building or maintaining employee trust.

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Dive Insight:
Employers need employee trust and buy-in for growth, but they continue to struggle to build that relationship, as study after study has demonstrated. One released last year revealed that 21% of HR leaders don’t think employees trust organizations’ leaders. Much of this distrust was based on a lack of two-way feedback between staff and management.

But according to a Peakon study, a plan for building trust can start with something as simple as saying “hello” to employees as they begin their day. The research showed that a morning greeting from managers can lead to a conversation that encourages employees to share their opinions and thoughts — a significant step toward building trust.

Employers also can build trust by taking employee concerns seriously, according to Dana Barbato, founder and CEO at InvestiPro. Speaking at ​the Society for Human Resource Management’s Employment Law and Legislative Conference last year, she suggested three ways to build trust during workplace investigations: 1) establish a consistent, transparent system for safeguarding employees’ privacy, while being open about how investigations are carried out; 2) listen actively to employees involved in investigations and request accurate information; and 3) resolve investigations in a timely manner and take corrective action.

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