Engagement begins before day one


Dive Brief:
Worker engagement begins at the recruitment phase, but few employers are meeting the needs of an engaged workforce, a new report from Allegis Group found. Following a survey of more than 1,000 employers and 7,000 workers and job seekers worldwide, Stepping Up: Workforce Practices That Raise the Bar on Business Performance revealed the relationship building that is essential to engagement starts at the recruitment phase, but only 31% of employers said they are “very satisfied” with their recruitment process.
One critical step for businesses to recruit high-performing talent and engagement is a current, accurate job description that sets the stage for new hires and employees to understand specifically what is expected of them. The report showed that 69% of high performing talent organizations to feature clearly defined must-have and nice-to-have skills in their descriptions.
Another key element to starting employees on the road to high engagement is the onboarding process. High performers in talent are twice as likely, the survey found, to engage new hires during the onboarding process and are similarly positioned in terms of their preparedness on a new hire’s first day.

Dive Insight:
Employee engagement has been top of mind for employers and L&D as they work hard to attract and retain top talent. The need to recognize employee achievement at all levels drives ownership of the work and loyalty to employers.

Before the first day on the job, however, a poor candidate experience can color an employee’s potential for engagement. Employee expectations of the onboarding process have shifted, with talent wanting more than just rules and regulations. They look at the process as an indication of how the company works and how they value staff members. Beyond the nuts and bolts, they want detailed information of what’s expected of them, as well as an in-depth look at the company’s culture. For too many companies, the onboarding process has flopped: it’s either underutilized, too over automated or simply a “pervasive pain point” for business.

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