Employers: Here Are Four Tips To Minimize Hysteria During A Crisis


Times of crisis can be the make or break of leadership. The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spreading rapidly across the world. Anxiety and emotions are at an all-time high right now as the pandemic impacts every area of our lives. The uncertainty of the future for businesses, jobs and our health is terrifying.

Many companies have shut down while others are shifting to remote work. This has created a new set of challenges for both new and tenured managers who have never led remotely before. A new survey released by VitalSmarts found

1 in 5 leaders are unprepared to manage a remote team
21.9% of employees don’t feel their team members have good enough collaboration habits to work effectively from home
This pandemic-driven plunge into a digital transformation will expose the flaws in policies, poor leadership skills and test the strength of company cultures. On the other hand, employers who were once resistant to remote work will see the benefits and possibilities of it. COVID-19 is forcing companies to re-evaluate their shortcomings especially when it comes to their communications in times of crisis. It’s crucial leaders are mindful when approaching and engaging in sensitive topics like COVID-19 to avoid feeding into the hysteria.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/heidilynnekurter/2020/03/19/employers-here-are-4-tips-to-minimize-hysteria-during-a-crisis/#301bcf043aa6

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