Employee Recognition revolutionized through technology

The expansion of big data has induced lower communication costs and a rise in a specialized human resource that is knowledge-based, thus transforming corporate ecosystems and business processes towards innovation. With the increase in dynamism, the complexities of human resource management have magnified – making reward and recognition imperative to talent in an organization. No longer restricted to a top-down approach, employee recognition is now leveraging technology-enabled platforms at every level to include recognition – senior-to-junior, junior-to-senior and peer-to-peer.

The reward and recognition (R&R) programs, often used in human resource services nowadays, trigger positive and a competitive behavior among the employees. These programs trigger innovative ways to enhance morale, achievements from the employees. Also, R&R programs help in creating a business vision aligned culture, attracting and retaining talent based on the value system. Addressing the needs of the diversified human resource has always been a challenge for the R&R programs. Focus on micro-moments and micro-recognition promoted by, both the workforce and the management drives the recognition into the future.

Choosing the right technology shapes the design and execution of recognition solutions that provide reliability, value, and security. Its strategic placement in the value chain of a recognition program enabled a proper alignment with the business goals and visions, understanding the technology imperatives in the R&R philosophy. The recognition programs need to measure the impact at every level of human resource, ensuring leadership participation, thus providing a complete impact analysis which can then be referred to in the future. Core company values and R&R philosophies will be better integrated on technology-based platforms for better processing, measurement, and transparency in communication.

Source: https://hr.cioreview.com/news/employee-recognition-revolutionized-through-technology-nid-26450-cid-48.html

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