Designing a Learning Experience for the Distributed Workforce

The remote work landscape has changed the employee experience and so the learning experience must change with it. Jennifer Parker, Director of L&D at Lennar takes a look at how to design an experience for the new age of learning.

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COVID-19 upended a lot of well-intentioned plans for the L&D team and forced change at a rapid rate. What were traditionally in-person trainings have had to go online and L&D teams have taken on a heightened importance within the organization.

The amount of uncertainty in the global economy has created a need for more flexible employees who can help the organization in a variety of ways, and the job market has created employees who are ready to learn like never before. Now, with budgets and commitments to L&D increasing, it’s up to learning leaders to help strategize and implement learning cultures and systems meets the needs of the distributed workforce.

Key takeaways include:

Understand learning experience design and the specific needs of remote workers
Create new channels for learning and development to replace in person trainings
Develop an ecosystem of tools that increase access and improve the learning experience


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