Could Your Business Benefit from an HR Audit?


In 2018, we are seeing businesses of all sectors invest in HR. Understanding the impact HR can have on recruitment, company culture and employer branding, we are proud to offer a string of solutions to the businesses of Wales. If you are looking to place HR as a focus for 2018, then we highly recommend conducting an HR Audit. As an activity that reviews your company’s policies, procedures and strategies to safeguard the company, the employer and its employees; there are many benefits for businesses to explore. Below we have detailed just a few.

Ensure your documents are in place and compliant
Whilst many companies will have HR literature to simply tick a box, it is essential that documents such as Employee Handbooks and Employment Contacts actually serve a purpose.
Our HR Audit is a perfect opportunity to review your current documents and offer a pragmatic solution if anything needs changing. By doing this, you make sure your documents are compliant and in line with current legislation, as well as your business’ goals!

A happy workforce
Many associate HR with being legally sound when running a business and effective HR practices can have a huge bearing on employee morale. By operating in sync with modern practice and having the correct documentation, you immediately communicate the message that you are a responsible, trustworthy employer. Leading to a positive company culture, having the right HR documents can be the difference stale workforce and a high-performing one.

Pin-point risks and potential problem areas
The main purpose of conducting an HR Audit will be to help identify weaknesses in your business. These weaknesses may be unnoticed until you face an issue in your company, such as people management, under performance, appraisals and dismissals just to name a few. Freeing the businesses from politics, blame-games and excuses for non-performance, bringing in a strong HR structure can encourage a new culture of professionalism.

Bring fresh thinking into the business
The HR Audit is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation with us once completed. It is an open and honest service to help your business pinpoint any issues, if you have any and offer a practical resolution to ensure your employment obligations and responsibilities are being met.

The audit is an opportunity to meet new businesses and engage with you and your business where we can gain an understanding of your values. For more information on our free BOSS HR Audit service, as well as our other products, contact us today.


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