Can a branded employee experience improve talent acquisition?


Dive Brief:
A top priority for North American employers, according to a survey, is branding the employee experience. Research by Blu Ivy group revealed 58% of those polled are looking to create a brand strategy that enhances employee engagement and improves the employee experience.
Half of those surveyed said they have experienced a social employer brand crisis in the last year, and the damage associated with an adverse presence in the marketplace can be “irreparable,” said Stacy Parker, managing director of Blu Ivy Group, in a statement.
Businesses are looking to boost their brand along every pipeline, including talent acquisition. Many of today’s employer brand projects have little focus on the internal experience and are not driving the ROI executives are seeking, the report says. And as incidents that result in negative media continue to threaten businesses, employers that stay ahead of the curve will be better poised to attract and retain workers, the research notes.

Dive Insight:
Employer branding is a priority for good reason. Recent data shows applicants are 40% more likely to apply for a job with a company with which they are familiar, while 75% of recruiters believe recruitment would be easier if the employer was a well-positioned brand in the market. A majority of employers (90%) believe a strong brand is important to attract top talent.

Branding isn’t just for major companies anymore. Every business has the opportunity to enhance the candidate experience and further a positive presence online. For those who ignore online ratings and poor reviews, the risk can be significant. Only one in five employees surveyed said they’d apply to a job with a company that has a negative online presence.

Millennials, in particular, want to work for a company that is a good corporate citizen. Whether recruiting employees, contractors or even interns, an HR department that focuses on branding may be more successful — and data suggests they’re even better funded.


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