C-Level Leaders Offer Predictions For 2019


As we approach 2019, I reached out to experts to identify what is on the minds of marketers. In last week’s article, I listed general marketing predictions that can impact most firms. This week, I focus on more specific, actionable predictions.

AI-powered Marketing Attribution Tools Will Hit Their Stride in 2019, Carl Schmidt, CTO and co-founder, Unbounce

“I expect we’ll see AI-powered marketing attribution tools hitting their stride in 2019. In today’s digital environment, attribution continues to be a challenge — businesses are still piecing together data points from different platforms and many are still struggling to understand the full path to purchase — which marketing channels are driving revenue? What kinds of content help retain customers and at which stage of the customer journey? Where are customers falling out of the funnel? AI can sequence that customer journey together and identify when a customer comes to a company’s site and leaves without converting. It’s the businesses that adopt AI-powered attribution tools that will have a leg up on the competition this year.”

Marketing Shifts to Messaging. Penny Wilson, CMO, Hootsuite

“Despite all the challenges social media faced in 2018, it will become ever more vital to the customer journey as social media increasingly becomes how we connect with others, consume media, ask questions, seek recommendations, make buying decisions, get support, and show our passion for the brands we love. However, those challenges from 2018 will drive a shift in customer behavior — and expectations — in 2019, with social media users moving away from the news feed and retreating into private networks like Instagram, Snapchat and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In a recent Facebook survey, 69% of users said directly messaging a company helps them feel more confident about a brand, and given the drop in trust across social media in 2018, anything a brand can do to regain customer confidence is critical. That means organizations must serve their customers where they want to be served. Businesses must be prepared to answer customer questions and resolve concerns on social via messaging apps. And they must look to how they can integrate not only their support functions, but sales and marketing to make learning, trying and buying easier for their customers.”

CMOs Will Invest More in Mobile and Consolidate Media Buying Platforms. Dan Rosenberg, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, MediaMath

“Mobile will make gains in performance and investment as we progress towards a stronger and bigger cross-device identity graph. Marketers generating revenue from both desktop and mobile apps will consolidate their media buying under one platform, aligning on KPIs, measurement and their tech stack.”

In 2019, Marketers Will Strike the Right Balance of Personalization and Privacy. Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia

“In 2018, marketers learned the hard way that consumers are done just giving their data away. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and then GDPR going into effect, data privacy has become a hot topic. Today, consumers are much more protective of their data. According to a recent survey, 37% of consumers globally are confident that brands have their best interest in mind when they use, share and/or store personal data. At the same time, they are frustrated with impersonal experiences. The same survey shows that 68% feel they are treated as any other generic customer when engaging with businesses online. With this in mind, 2019 will be the year that marketers not only prioritize data privacy, but they start to get the balance right — offering the appropriate amount of personalization and privacy to build customer relationships based on trust. Consumers will continue to challenge brands to do so — otherwise they’ll move on. It will be interesting to see which brands meet this consumer demand in 2019, and which get left behind.”

5G Smartphones Will Revolutionize Marketing Engagement. Mike Marcellin, CMO, Juniper Networks

“Consumers and enterprises around the world will start getting to actually use 5G networks in 2019 and marketers who have dabbled in Augmented and Virtual Reality will now have customers with true AR/VR gear in their pockets. And oh by the way, the amount of data these new 5G smartphones will kick off will be a goldmine for marketers.”

The “News Feed” as the Default Content Delivery Format Will Be Challenged. Ryan Kelly, VP, Head of Marketing, Nanigans

“Since Facebook introduced its news feed in 2006, it’s been the de facto format across nearly every social platform. However, in 2019 we can expect the feeds of Facebook and Instagram, and perhaps others, to lose their traditional looks and slowly be replaced by Stories or another new format we don’t know about yet. CMOs will need to adjust marketing strategies accordingly to capture consumer attention.”

Transparency Will Make Much Bigger Cracks Within the Digital Ecosystem as CMOs Prioritize Tech Partners. Mike Pallad, President, Undertone (cross-platform synchronized digital marketing for the world’s most prominent brands)

“As we enter 2019 (and even into 2020), platform, ad-tech, and mar-tech companies in the digital media space must allow marketers access to their data; not doing so will likely leave these companies ignored, excluded, and forgotten. In the coming year, the demand for transparency will finally force marketers to choose only the tech partners that most empower them to understand the reach, frequency, and impact of their campaigns (across all of their digital partners), allowing them to spend in the most intelligent ways. By opening up data access, companies will demonstrate their dedication to transparency, helping not only to keep their clients but gain new ones from businesses slow to adapt to a more honest marketplace.”

Marketing Will Be A Revenue-Driven (and Judged!) Arm of the Business. Ashley Deibert, CMO, Videolicious

“No longer the red-headed-stepchild of the budget, Marketing will assume as much ownership of the sales forecast as, well, sales. In 2019, marketers who fail to align dollars and cents with their strategic recommendations will find themselves on the wrong side of organization. The convergence of marketing and sales teams—as well as technology and strategy—is proof that both roles have to assume ownership of sales outcomes, by sharing pipeline and revenue goals to ensure a winning outcome. And of course, both will also reap the awards.”

CMOs Will Stop “Going with Their Gut” And Truly Harness Data to Make Informed Decisions. Matt Sweeney, President of Xaxis North America

“86% of US brand marketers plan to invest in outcome-driven media over the next 2 years. In 2019, CMOs will make strides toward outcome-driven media, allowing them to tie their media metrics more directly to their business goals. They will move from single-metric CTR optimization tactics towards sophisticated, multi-metric strategies powered by AI. By truly harnessing their data, CMOs will no longer need to go with their gut instincts when making media investment decisions. They will be more agile with their budgets and media strategies, using data to deliver better returns and deliver the best consumer experiences.”

5G Will Lead to Unforeseen Advances for Marketers. Abhay Singhal, CRO and Co-founder, InMobi

“For both adtech and martech specifically, and really for the world at large, 5G has the potential to be immensely disruptive. Autonomous vehicles and drones could be the tip of the iceberg as far as potential applications are concerned. Its effects on society could defy imagination! Think for a moment, about all of the changes that came about as a result of 4G and LTE. Without it, there’s no Uber, no WeChat and no Facebook – at least, not in the way we consume them now. Truthfully, the entire app economy may not have taken off if we were all still relying on 3G. I believe a similar shift will occur with a wider 5G rollout. Everyone – including advertisers and marketers – should prepare now for our upcoming digital out-of-home lives.”

GDPR Goes Exponential

Mike Marcellin, CMO, Juniper Networks

“It was hard enough for all of us to sift through GDPR and implement programs and double opt-ins this past year. Well think GDPR^10 when other countries around the world, including the US, implement their own versions of data privacy regulations. I know some of us have moved to in-house creative and PR agencies…how about an in-house legal team?”

Striking a Balance Between Personalization and Scale Will Put Increased Demand on Identity Resolution for CMOs

Curtis Tingle, CMO, Valassis

“To drive incrementality at scale while maintaining relevance with consumers, CMOs will put even more investment behind technology and data – like identity resolution tools that help them better understand their customers. However, as many have discovered, over-personalizing communication makes it difficult to deliver scalable sales lift and can actually poison consumer trust. Therefore, we will see CMOs leverage their consumer insight to create audience segments and tailor their marketing approaches appropriately by segment.”

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kimberlywhitler/2018/12/08/c-level-leaders-offer-predictions-for-2019/#3ebd5d947372

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