Building agile capabilities: The fuel to power your agile ‘body’


To move your organization from targeted experimentation to driving agility at scale, it’s crucial to focus on agile capability building.

The payoff is real. Organizations across sectors from banking to pharmaceuticals, from energy to the public sector, are realizing the immense value that agility can bring: faster, higher-quality decision making, better-quality products, faster delivery, and stronger employee engagement.

Much has been written about agile operating models: the vision, organization structure, tools, methodologies, and rhythms that comprise the agile “body.” However, many organizations still struggle with developing the people who will power this body and deliver better results. They lack talent that is either equipped with the right set of capabilities (mind-sets, behaviors, and skills) or empowered to make decisions rooted in customer centricity, crossfunctional collaboration, experimentation, and speed. Without both capability building and empowerment, the body cannot function.

How can organizations develop and sustain the capability-building infrastructure to enable their people to drive transformation and achieve their personal growth aspirations?

The people challenge affects everyone from the board room to the shop floor: senior leaders must show up differently to set a compelling vision and inspire change, core agile practitioners must lead teams to deliver innovative products and services meeting evolving customer tastes, and all employees must believe in the shift toward agility and feel vested in new ways of working (exhibit).


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