Better brand awareness leads to better recruitment potential


Dive Brief:
A new survey from Glassdoor reveals candidates are 40% more likely to put in an application if they are familiar with the company brand. Glassdoor polled 750 HR and hiring decision makers and found 60% of companies say their own brand awareness is either a challenge or significant barrier to hiring and attracting candidates.
The majority of hiring decision makers, 75%, believe if their product, service or brand name was more well-known, it would ease the recruitment process.
More details from the survey suggest recruiters should take on a more data-driven approach to sourcing and hiring; only 25% reported they track “conversion of job seeker to applicant” as a priority metric.

Dive Insight:
The value of the employer brand is becoming more prominent in the market. With savvy candidates looking for online reviews of businesses before they apply, smart companies are upping their game when it comes to branding. Some reports even suggest that HR professionals that focus on branding can see an increase in funding — and for good reason. In today’s recruiting atmosphere, it’s easier to grab the attention of “informed candidates,” according to Glassdoor, meaning a strong brand that intrigues candidates can create a positive feedback loop for employers of all types.

A report from Glassdoor in 2017 found candidates will read a minimum of 7 reviews before forming an opinion on a company. But confusion ensues on who is responsible for branding: 60% of CEOs say they are accountable, while 32% place the role within HR.

The role of HR could be evolving into a marketing-based model, with branding as a top trend for this year and beyond. As companies look to enhance the candidate experience, branding in recruitment and the employee experience may be critical components to leverage an advantage over the competition.


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