Become a Catalyst for Change in your Workplace


Career Partners International (CPI), a global management consulting firm, offers advice on dealing with major organizational changes. Mark Saddic, of CPI Philadelphia, demonstrates the need for a comprehensive plan for introducing changes in a business.

Initiating a change within a workplace can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Here is some key advice for enacting change in an organization: develop a clear vision as to why the change is necessary and how it impacts employees, select a leader or team to execute the process, allow that leader or team to freely enact change, use a SWOT analysis or a similar tool to identify problems, gather sound research on these problems, ease any difficulties with those affected by change, provide an open source of communication, and provide measurables to guide your success and meet your goals.

By approaching a major change with steps detailed and a clear end-goal, businesses can successfully preform changes within their workforce. Career Partners International can help you with this process from beginning to end. Our consultants are skilled at developing a strategy for change and helping your workforce overcome the challenges that may come.

“Change in a workplace can be disastrous, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Doug Matthews, President & CEO of Career Partners International. “We can help you every step of the way.”

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