Bad candidate experiences chase away nearly half of job seekers


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Nearly half (49%) of job seekers in a recent PwC survey said they’ve turned down an offer because of a bad candidate experience.
Even more said they’d discourage family or friends from applying for a job with a company because of a bad experience with the company’s recruiters.
To ensure quality candidates aren’t lost to poor recruiting experiences, PwC said it recommends that employers use tech tools to streamline interaction with candidates, recognize how communication failures harms recruiting and manage the organization’s reputation, among other things.

Dive Insight:
Recent research shows that candidates and talent pros don’t see eye to eye on the recruiting process. Most employers think they’re doing great, but the majority of candidates say they’ve had bad experiences.

Luckily, there are steps employers can take that experts say will improve those experiences — and the chance of landing a great hire. Immediate feedback, for example, can solidify a relationship, according to the Talent Board. Employers can no longer afford to “ghost” candidates by failing to keep them abreast of their application’s status.

A personalized process and a clear explanation of a company’s employee value proposition is key too, a 2018 report from Phenom People explained. Those findings echo additional recommendations from the most recent PwC report. Candidates want their communication preferences recognized and respected, the firm said. And employers should showcase the rewards people want most: salary, benefits, development opportunities, inclusion and flexibility. “Recruiters must be able to quantify and communicate them as part of their value proposition,” PwC said. “Adopt a sales mindset around these rewards. Understand their value to candidates and showcase them as part of your offer package.”

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