5 Tips To Improve Employee Health And Wellness

Taking care of employees’ health and wellness is part of being responsible employers. Doing so results in benefits for both the employees and the employers as well. Some of the most significant benefits of having a health and wellness program for employees are improved productivity, enhanced employee satisfaction, and increased employee retention rates. These consequently result in the successful achievement of the company’s goals.

If you still do not have employee health and wellness programs installed in your company, consider these five tips:

1. Hold Regular Exercise & Physical Activities
Exercise does not only boost the physical health, but also the mind. Boost employee efficiency and productivity by making sure that your employees have a healthy mind and body. Most of the time, employees are just sitting in front of their computers or at their workstations. Schedule activities that make them get up and moving. Organise fun runs and similar events to help them develop an active lifestyle. You can also put up amenities like bike racks or a small gym inside the building to encourage them to do physical activities.

2. Have Prevention-Focused Health Programmes
Prevention is always better than having to find a cure for any illness. Preventative health programmes will keep your employees from getting sick and having to take paid leaves. Some companies now provide their employees with health cash plans for their medical and dental check-ups. Most of these plans also provide coverage for optician consultations and discounts to gym or health club memberships.

3. Health Education
It is likewise important to educate employees on how important health and wellness is on a personal level. This way, they will be more open to supporting the company’s health and wellness programmes. A lot of the employees will most likely already know about eating right and avoiding vices, but not many of them will actually be living a healthy lifestyle. With employee health education, they will be reminded of what they should be doing in as far as their health and wellness is concerned. Inviting doctors and health experts to teach your employees how to take care of their physical and mental health will be a good addition to your corporate health program. Have a health watch bulletin board or hang health-oriented posters in areas where your employees are most likely to see and notice them.

4. Offer Healthy Food Options In Your Canteen
Your company’s canteen will influence the eating lifestyle of your employees. Those who do not bring their own lunch will be limited by whatever the canteen serves. Just like in school canteens, office canteens should avoid serving unhealthy menus. Serve healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables. Encourage employees to eat balanced meals complete with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Incentivise Workplace Wellness
It’s not only money that you can give to your employees as reward or incentive. In the same way, you do not necessarily have to limit your rewards and incentives to productivity and performance. You can also combine monetary rewards with other types of rewards in line with your health and wellness programs. You can also offer rewards when employees achieve specific health goals.

Moving Forwards
These are just five tips to improve employee health and wellness. There are other ways for you to keep your employees healthy and to motivate them to take care of the physical and mental health. Find out how healthy your employees are and determine which areas of their health you should be concerned about. Address these concerns while providing activities for their general wellness at the same time. Remember that a healthy workforce is one of the keys to achieving corporate success.

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